8 Kingdoms

8 Kingdoms is a 3D turn-based fantasy strategic game in which players become kings, build their empires and conquer enemy kingdoms.
Mounted Archer
Theme of the game 8 Kingdoms is inspirated by the world of fantasy. Players play on a fully 3D hex map. They construct buildings, recruit units including infantry, mounted units, mages, catapults and finally they attack enemy or help allies. Units gain experiences during the battle, each unit can get some abilities upgraded to be stronger. Data are stored in XML and freely accessible - from language versions to units' attributes, moreover map editor with random map generator is included for comfortable map editing.
Latest stable version: 1.1.0
The most significant features of the game
realistic projection of terrains and surfaces which influence upon movement
realistic model of weather
well-developed computation of fights, including counter-attacks, visibility and experiences, siege weapons and magical units
model of money, taxes, payment to the army
units earn experiences
artificial intelligence
single-player and multi-player games
multi-player games discovery service
released for Linux and MS Windows
Map Editor (Windows only)