8K Roadmap

Please note that this roadmap is now considered legacy. If you want to see the actual one, please go to the dedicated wikipage.
Bugs fix
Fonts (FreeType) (vajicek)
LOD terrain (vajicek)
Skybox (vajicek)
Shadows (shadowmapping) (vajicek)
Next turn button should be disabled during scrolling to the first unit at the beginning of a new turn
Distinguish voices for attacking and for moving
Multiplayer games
Allow a client to return to a game that he was playing (vta) .... Done
User created maps exchange (vta) .... Done
8KWW moved to more reliable server (to sf.net) (vta) .... Done
Improve central server for multi player games, nowadays used just for exchanging IP addresses(vta) .... Partially done
Use profile as a name to log in this server
Global chat for every one logged in
Separate game server and game client, the port which server opens should be a variable (vta+vajicek)
Balance attacks and experiences (in a TCL script) - units should get xp even if they defend vs archers, if the units miss it should not get any xp
Increase purchase costs of bonuses lvl 3 and lvl 2
Balance units (in XML files) - archers might be too big thread, heavy infantry almost useless
Share view with allies
Allow scripting in maps
Make it faster (vta) .... Done
Check if it cannot be even faster (vta)
Relations might have been set incorrectly
Relations among players should be war by default
Rewrite it to GTK
Minimap or at least zoom
Improve the menu to allow to edit all map attributes
Random map generator could produce even map with cities and starting positions, so it could be used later in the game to play arandom map
Extend playlist (vta) .... Done
Voices multi-lingual (vta+?) ... voices in different language supported
New/better models (vta+?) ... plug-in for Blender is ready
Package for linux .... Done
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