8K Team

Current team members
Greg* - Project Manager, Developer, French Translation
Yousef Alhashemi - Developer
Bo Gao - Developer
Juan Fernández Martín - Developer
Dirk Maas - Developer
Thanks to
Antti Waris - Finnish translation
David Lenaerts - Music
Miguel de Dios - Spanish translation
Piotr Szymaniak - Gentoo ebuild
Previous team members - till ver. 1.1.0
Vojtech Hlaves - Coordinator, Developer
Vaclav Krajicek - Developer, Linux distribution
Jason Drekler - Modeling
Norm Zio - Documentation
Previous team members - till ver. 1.0.0
Marta Vomlelova - Supervisor at University
Pavel Zoha - Developer
Petr Zita - Developer
Petr Wolf - Developer
Help wanted
We need new voices for the units. If you are interested in, please contact us.
If you run into a bug or strange behaviour, please, report it to us. You can submit the bug report at bug tracker.
You are welcome to contribute to the public forum,
or you can send us an email - you would find the addresses here.
8 Kingdoms started in year 2004 and was developed as a project at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University, Prague. The first production version was released in year 2006. Nowadays it consists of more than 120 000 lines of source code.